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Post partition, Sindhi community at Kota focused its energy to earn and feed their families. It was a country- wide phenomena and this town, populated on the banks of river Chambal was not any exception.This led to setting up of business at any place and in any form but legitimate and not on anybody’s mercy. Small and petty business like grocery, stationery, vegetables, general merchandise, tea stalls etc flourished apart from a few good businesses at good places. Government jobs were mostly in Railways, Post Offices and other departments of State Government.

Sindhi Community at Kota believed in organized social behavior and thus locality-wise Sindhi Panchayats, Sindhu Bhawans, Dharamshalas, Gaushalas and Jhulelal Temples etc were built. Now economically and socially, the community flourished and showed its presence in Kota. Some organizations to promote Sindhi Language, Literature, Culture and Religion were gradually established and well endeavored to promote its goal successfully.

President   Patron   Secretary   Vice President   Joint Secretary   Joint Secretary   Cultural Secretary    
Ashok Jhamtani
Dr. B. L. Darra
Holaram Lalwani
  Vice President
Prem Santwani
  Joint Secretary
Ramesh Mahbubani
Manohar Dayani
  Cultural Secretary
Vinod Ajwani


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